I am keen to add suggstions, experiences etc. from others living with MS so we can both share and learn from eachother. 

Nick - diagnosed aged 40

1.  Plan the basics

  • review the financial situation e.g. ill-health pension review, mortgage review.  Both you and your partner, if relevant
  • ill-health cover for your partner
  • take the long-term view, but consider the 'worse case' scenario
  • is your current home suitable should you deteriorate?  Think about moving or renovations to current home needed to make it suitable
  • get a good, trusted financial advisor

2.  Engage with support networks

  • Berkshire MS Therapy Centre for therapies, advice and to meet others with MS
  • Your local MS nurse

3.  Plan some 'to dos' - life doesn't have to stop

  • travel where you want to go whilst your mobility allows
  • treats - concerts, sports events etc.

4.  Engage your employer early to discuss a careeer plan, reasonable adjustments, time working from home to reduce commuting fatigue.

5.  Engage your family and partner fully.

Your contributions could be added here - get in touch


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